Terms of Business

Terms of Business (Agreement)

1. First Point

  • This TBA is a binding agreement between Maid Cleaner4U (MC4U), and the customer, this agreement will stand until termination period.
  • In a situation of law suit, this TBA will be interpreted lawfully and any issue arising due to service provision will be decided accordingly (court).

2. Service and Payments

  • This TBA will take effect from the first day of cleaning service except if the Client cancels as described in section 8. The service will be delivered by vetted enrolled cleaners as set out in section 5.
  • The amounts to be paid by the customer to MC4U will be as agreed and to the enrolled cleaner will be set out in the billing letter with any additional charges and a ONE-OFF charge.
  • Payments to MC4U will be a monthly advance payment (standing order or bank transfer).
  • MC4U advance fee is £30.50 and it is refundable on lawful termination of contract.
  • Enrolled Cleaner’s payment remains the responsibility of the client at all times. Payments will be made to the cleaner on the same day of service delivery or as agreed by both parties.
  • Whether or not a Client is utilising the service of an enrolled cleaner all payments to MC4U, will continue until the agreement is lawfully terminated.
  • In the event of lawful termination of contract, payment to MC4U will stop automatically, see section 8.
  • There will not be a refund of advance payment should there be a notice of termination of contract and if the client declines the service for whatever reason; no refund will be made.
  • Where an enrolled cleaner is unable to gain access into the house to carry out work or a client cancels service in less than 12 hours, a payment of £8. 50 will be made to the cleaner.
  • An enrolled cleaner will not carry out a task outside an agreed task.

3. Insurance

  • Though, we introduce cleaner, we are not liable for whatsoever that might arise as a result of your engagement with the cleaner. Clients will be covered by their own insurance policies for any loss of job, contract, income, business or fraudulent activity arising from engagement with a cleaner. The enrolled cleaner works on a self-employment base.
  • Our Policy covers Public and Product Liability provided that the damage or loss in each event is greater than £100. The policy does not cover property, possessions or theft. MC4U cannot accept liability for the first £100 of each item in any claim, which will be for the Client’s account. Bleach cannot be used and is not covered.
  • Client provides all cleaning tools.
  • MC4U provides cleaning tools for End of Tenancy Cleaning only.

4. Exclusion of Liability

  • MC4U will not accept any responsibility for any type of damage or loss to the Client goods or premises e MC4U will not accept liability of any kind for failure of service in any way relating to this TBA including natural occurrences.
  • MC4U will not be held responsible for incomplete work by an enrolled cleaner and will not be subject to any liability for not executing terms of this TBA should the Client be in breach of any of obligation to MC4U. The Client must exercise patient and give a realistic time for MC4U to correct any breach. If the breach was not corrected, MC4U will deem it appropriate to end the agreement.
  • MC4U will take a similar action or compensation against the Client as if it were the Client that was in breach enabling MC4U to end the agreement.
  • The return of client’s key is between the client and the enrolled cleaner. MC4U will not accept any responsibility for loss or none return of keys.

5. MC4U

  • Advertise jobs.
  • Interview job seekers at their home address, where they live.
  • Scrutinize ID and References that will be provided.
  • Ensure eligibility to work in the UK.
  • Provide a suitable enrolled cleaner to Clients.
  • Ensure to respond promptly to challenges that might be of concern to Client when necessary.
  • Work within the confines of the law.
  • Provide insurance.

6. Client

  • MC4U should be informed of any reschedule of working time with the enrolled cleaner.
  • Ensure that work request is clear and well understood.
  • Ensure that a full day notice is provided to MC4U and the enrolled cleaner if you require adjustment in relation to working time/ day.
  • MC4U should be notified of the need for a short time replacement of a regular enrolled cleaner due to illness or other unforeseen reasons, though not guaranteed.
  • Client will be responsible for the cost of recovery of agency fees if there was refusal to make payment as agreed.
  • Client must ensure that cleaning materials are readily available for use always.

7. Cleaner

         You must be punctual

  • Work to the best of your ability
  • Notify MC4U of a change of contact number/email address
  • Ensure not to use bleach
  • Notify client in advance of any appointment, GP or others.

8. Termination of Agreement

  • It is the right of the Client to cancel the BTA within the period of 14 days (2 weeks) from date of request of service. Notice should be provided by email to: info@maidcleaner4u.co.uk. If this right to cancel is exercised, the Client will not be liable for any sums to MC4U except if the Client specifically asked for the service to begin before the end of 14 days which is the cooling off period. Cancellation without one full day of notice will attract £25 charge.
  • At the end of the 14 day period, the Client will be required to give a notice of 1 month if need be to terminate the BTA
  • MC4U has the right to end the BTA if the Client is not in compliance with the BTA, a month of notice will be issued.
  • Any MC4U enrolled cleaner must not be recommended to someone else by the Client except through us.
  • At the end of the TBTA between MC4U and the Client, Client must not hire either present or past introduced cleaner of MC4U for a period of 18 months.

9. Data Protection