About MaidCleaner4u

We offer Domestic cleaning services to households in Manchester.

Maid Cleaner4U is a domestic cleaning company which offers complete and quality cleaning service in Manchester. Our services are designed to suit individual needs. We know what our clients need, which is flexibility of cleaning hours and that is what we offer.

We are reliable, competent and meticulous, that is why we regularly have a hand shake with our clients. Whether you are at work, working from home, gone on holiday or away on a business trip, certainly you will return home feeling welcomed.

Our cleaners can offer a full range of domestic cleaning services. Therefore, whatever your cleaning needs you can be rest assured that we have a domestic cleaner for you.  You can book a single type of cleaning or a combination of cleaning services to meet your cleaning needs.

Furthermore, at Maid Cleaner4U, all materials and equipment are provided by you the client as we want our clients to be comfortable with the cleaning materials used in cleaning their precious homes.

At Maid Cleaner4U, we spend most of our time to find perfect cleaners for our clients. We ensure that they are well vetted to guarantee our clients peace of mind even when they leave their KEYS WITH OUR CLEANERS. We interview them in their own homes, we check their IDs including passport to ensure that they have the right to work in the UK. We also ensure that references provided are checked.

Years of Combined Experience

Our Business leaders collectively boast many years of experience in providing excellent cleaning services to clients.

Enjoy our service even when at work!

Unable to stay at home while we work at yours? Easy. Simply give us your key and you'd come back home to meet a sparkling abode! We give you a Key acknowledgement form.

Competitive Prices

Our domestic cleaning rates are some of the most competitive in Manchester. You get to enjoy a dedicated service at a fair price.

Customer Satisfaction is a priority

As a business, your satisfaction at the work we do is our priority. We do our utmost to ensure you receive a high standard of service, every time.